photo : Mec-bel with DD2engine & Tires
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ROTAX MAX-DD2 Specific model

  • Homologated ROTAX MAX Challenge,125MAX DD2class
  • Perfect for people with kart racing experience
  • Age  more than 15years old


  • Adjustable caster/camber system
  • Range of caster adjustment 18º
  • Range of camber adjustment 2º

Direction slider

  • quick toe in/out adjust system

Asymmetric pedals & footrest

  • Ø12mm accelerator, Ø14mm brake pedal
    for better power transfer
  • Adjustable independent footrest

Following items not included

  • Engine &engine accessories
  • Tires
Main tube Ø30/32mm Cr-Mo special selected tube
Wheel base 1040mm
Rear axle Ø40 x 1040mm
CNC machined magnesium alloy bearing carrier
Brake system Front - FT18 hydraulic foot brake system
    Ø150 x 10mm ventilated disc rotor
Rear - FT18 hydraulic foot brake system
    Ø196 x 15mm ventilated disc rotor
Wheels Front- 130mm magnesium alloy wheels
Rear- 212mm magnesium alloy wheels
Hubs Front- Ø50mm x76mm magnesium alloy hubs
Rear- Ø40mm x 72mm magnesium alloy hubs
Body-work TECNO JET IV with sticker set
ROTAX rear tire protection system
Accessories Detachable 9.6L fuel tank
Foot rest
Color Frame / red
Body-work / red
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Stub-axle spindle Ø17mm solid / Ø25mm hollowed
Rear axle soft / medium / hard
Front wheel 130 back-space 43mm / 130 back-space 33mm
ST50 130 wheel
Rear wheel 212 back-space 63mm / 212 back-space 73mm
Front wheel hub ST50 76mm front hub
Rear wheel hub Ø40 x 72mm / 97mm / 123mm
Frame color blue /black / gray